Amazing benefits of eating pizza, You should know

Pizza often counted as a bad image in the eatable category. But when you are out of the home, this is very quickly available to eat. Moreover, we all are very much familiar with the taste of it. However,  how do you feel to eat the cold pizza in the morning with friends, has it actually some health benefits?

The Health Sciences Institution situated in Baltimore states.  Italian pizza is very much different if we compare with the U.S.  Since that is traditionally has a thinner crust and therefore not as many calories-less if we talk about American one. But similarly both varieties of pizzas containing a key ingredient that may fight disease, according to the research institute. Lets us read more reasons you should feel happy when gobbling down a slice…

It helps to Fight Cancer

The ingredient which found in tomato sauce is called lycopene. Various research already published the same.  It is included in both the pizza as far as domestic and Italian pizza. And it is also an impressive antioxidant that can help prevent from cancer disease. And as well as protect you from cardiac disease.Image result for pizza fight from cancer

However, this has been advised to eat this such as any food. Anybody can be benefited by eating pizza in moderation. (this also suggests a number of slices should eat weekly, and should not eat an entire pizza pie in one sitting). It briefed that lycopene is one of the best absorbed by your body when it’s hot, so avoid the pizza if its cold.

Boost Immunity

As it has been researched fighting cancer as mentioned earlier. (This has been well published for prostate cancer in the Men’s Fitness magazine). That sauce is really loaded with Vitamin-C, which prevent us from illnesses such as the common cold. Image result for pizza boost immunity

Again, it’s all about the right “ingredients” – a study by the University of Arizona revealed that adding oregano onto your pizza sauce which further boosts the immunity of our body. Oregano’s active ingredient is carvacrol, which is most useful to protect the liver & control blood sugar.

Contains Nutritious Ingredients

Undoubted, this is well published by Men’s Fitness magazine for what you ask for in and on your pizza? They also published that going “overboard” on toppings on pizza, Since makes it less healthy and labels it as “junk-food”. ordering for extra cheese, double sausage or an extra thick crust does not matter to you.Image result for pizza boost immunity

You should order for this whole grain crust based pizza instead of a fluffy and thick crust one. as per this published article. Because whole grains are more healthy and it will make you feel fuller, and you can not consume it as a thick crust. It can lower your risk of stroke, and from becoming a diabetic. Also check well before placing your order whether there are such nutritional toppings like broccoli, ham, Parmesan cheese, garlic, and even pineapple.

Wide Coverage of All Food Groups

You will feel happy once came to know that you don’t need to make 5 different meals to follow your dietary intake for the day. The groups including fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meat, and grain can all found and covered in single awesome tasty pizza.

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Thinking tomatoes or pineapple for your fruit intake (yes, tomatoes have come in a fruit category); broccoli, red peppers or spinach to meet your veg quota; cheese component from the dairy. (you can order low-fat substitute for cheese); As chicken for leaner meats, and a whole wheat crust for the grain element. Bam! means altogether covered to your ordered pizza.

Good for boosting the Brain

These various ingredients on pizza are proven to be healthy and good for your brain’s need. This high source of folate is found in Spinach which leads to healthy blood circulation in the brain system. As per the published article in Huffington post-2015, “A daily serving of spinach that has Vitamin K content which improves the memory. Image result for pizza key ingredients


However, eating tasty foods give you more reasons to eat happily. The DUJO Science explains “certain foods can improve serotonin levels, called a mood-related hormone. The higher your serotonin, generally you feel better. Pineapple and spinach are listed as for serotonin boosters, and also milk component as a key ingredient in most pizza cheese.

Homemade pizza is a better choice to eat.

You may not be a perfect cook to make pizza at home. But honestly, there are so many cooking skills channel available online, wherein you can learn to cook the tasty pizza easily. Before cooking pizza at home, you must watch some video online and these videos are available online free. While cooking the pizza at home, you can be sure towards purity and good hygiene.

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In the learning of It may take time to get it right.  If you do not have much time to prepare the dough, then you can buy ready-made pizza base. There are many brands that sell various pizza topping sauce.  Also can buy cheese, red sauce, vegetables and meat from the market. So now do not worry about the pizza myth that it is not good for health.

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