OPD Medical Plans

Rising healthcare costs and inadequate cover for out-patient treatment can erode your savings. Therefore RIHL brought you the cost-effective alternative. Most suitable for OPD Treatment by Root India Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare organization in India.

We welcome all Indian patients who are suffering from any pre existing disease and or illness. Root India Objective is just support to them & capping their OPD expenses on higher side. Since we strongly believe that patient should choose their doctor for treatment. We are happy to provide this amazing OPD Management plan to all Indians. We never mind for age bar, status of health & class of gender etc.,

Root India Healthcare is one of India’s leading health care benefits company enabling people to effectively manage their unwanted medical expenses and lead a happy life. With an aim to make quality health care affordable and accessible, RIHL up-to 100% discounted prepaid health packages provide access to quality preventive and health solutions. Wherein a patient can manage it with high level of service standards. We strongly believe in user tested highly qualified medical professionals.


RIH is a part of Modern and assisting patients to give 100% liberty to get consultation where the feel comfortable. Since a patient is most and true feedback provider as they are aware the suitable consultant. We also believe that on new consultant it tough to believe whether they are suitable or not for their clinical requirement.  Therefore, we trust on the same path and provide wide coverage with huge benefits uninterrupted without changing their consultant.

our choice of putting your faith in Root India Healthcare means we strive to assist you only with the best, always. We understand that medical assistance can be needed anytime, anywhere. And we intend to bring ourselves to your service through our nationwide network whether you are at home, or travelling with your family in India. So, No limitation to select a consultant from panel or existing network.


Leading with this philosophy that why choose unknown consultant when you know someone best as you have testified in your previous disease or illness. So RIH is not forcing to change your consultant(s)

Disadvantage of Changing Doctor

Since your existing doctors are aware with your disease hence it’s easy to trust upon. That doctor will not start you from scratch, so your will save time and money both together. Although if you have new disease or symptom then you may go for new doctor.

Experience Matters

As your previous experience give you more confidence to continue with existing doctor for further treatment or if you are returning after a gap of time. But still you are having a relationship with you and doctor is aware with your previous problem, where you found yourself in safe hand.

Tax Saving u/s 80D

Who can claim Preventive Health Check Up  deduction under Sec. 80D?

An individual or HUF can claim the deduction in the case of expenses on such health check on family members as mentioned below.

  • Self
  • In case of HUF, it is the member of such HUF.
  • Spouse
  • Dependent Children
  • Parents (Dependent or non-dependent)

How much you can claim?

The maximum amount including all family members is allowed as Rs.5, 000. Remember that there is no separation. The cost of such Preventive Health Check Up is Rs.5, 000 inclusive of all family members. Along with that, this deduction is the overall part of deduction one can claim under Sec. 80D.