How much will a private (doctor) consultant charge to see me?

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Visiting a consultant is the most important stage of your private medical out-patient treatment. They are the person who will diagnose your seasonal condition and decide on the most effective way of treatment. Sometime your Doctor will write a letter referring you to the next consultant. Briefing their reasons for requesting the appointment, but it is the consultant who makes the final diagnosis.

Normally, Consultants are the top level of specialist doctors and it takes around nine years to make the grade, after graduating from a 5-years medical MBBS course. Naturally, at this point in their careers, these doctors are very well trained and highly experienced. And their salary and private fees reflect this.

Typical charges for a private consultant

A typical consultant appointment charges will be between $100 and $250, depending on area of practice and the nature of the consultation. Let me brief you with an example:


  • A consultation for carpel tunnel syndrome with ABC Healthcare costs $200 at their The Valley hospital, yet only $180 at their Keneth hospital in the North West.
  • A The Valley consultation for a colonoscopy costs just $160 yet a consultation for a back operation costs $250.
  • And you can expect to pay considerably more; maybe as much as $500 – for a consultant who is a expertise in their field and who works at one of the prestigious; well-known private hospitals in central London.

After first visit, your follow up visits are usually cheaper than the initial first consultation, but you will still be charged for the appointment means that would not be free appointment. And Follow up appointments are usually around $100 to $150.

About your private consultation

It is important to note that your initial private doctor’s consultation is unlikely to be included in the cost of any fixed price treatment scheme. This will not for everyone who has a consultation. And for surgery you may be charge extra.

A person should be aware also find that your private medical insurance excludes the initial consultation, providing cover only for the operation itself and your hospital stay. The same applies to follow up or regular consultations, or outpatient appointments. This can be offered which are only included in the more expensive policies.

Why pay for a private consultant?

A best consultants are still free of charge. That is on the RIH Medical Outpatient Service Cards. So why would you pay around $200 for perhaps 15 minutes of their time? There are many advantages that justify the cost of private consultations, including:

  • New or Pre-Existing Disease–  can see your consultant as soon as you need to at a time to suit you.
  • All Consultants Coverage–  can pick the consultant you want to see, rather than the one you are assigned by the friend.
  • Medicine Coverage– Yes this is additional support via RIH International Medical Cards to cover all medicine expense upto $1000; When you pay to see a consultant. This coverage for prescribed medicine in OPD treatments. Visit the website for RIH Global OPD Medical Cards. Save money, Get your all expense back.