Female Breast Cancer Treatment

breast cancer treatment

If you have cancer, you should be assigned a multidisciplinary team (MDT) – a team of specialists who work together to provide the best treatment and care.
The main treatments for breast cancer are:breast cancer treatment
• surgery
• hormone therapy
• biological therapy (targeted therapy)
You may have one of these treatments, or a combination. The type of treatments you have, it will depend on how the cancer was diagnosed at that stage.

Breast cancer diagnosed at screening should be at an early stage. Breast cancer diagnosed when you have a symptom may be at a later stage and require a different treatment.
You have to discuss with your healthcare team.  They will suggest you the best treatments.
Choosing the right treatment for you when deciding what treatment is best for you, your doctors will consider:

• the stage and grade of your cancer – how big it is and how far it’s spread,
• your general health,
• whether you’ve experienced the menopause,

You should to discuss your treatment with your consultant at any time and ask questions.

You may know more?

• (NICE) National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: early & locally advanced breast cancer
• Prediction: decide on the ideal course of treatment following breast cancer surgery

Treatment overview

rihl.inSurgery is usually the first type of treatment for breast cancer. Someone should mind that a type of treatment/surgery you undergo will depend on the breast cancer’s level of condition.
Surgery normally followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy or in some cases, hormone or biological treatments. Again, the treatment you’ll have will depend on the type of breast cancer.
You should discuss the most suitable treatment package for you. Chemotherapy or hormone therapy will usually be the first treatment.

Secondary Breast Cancer

Most breast cancers are discovered in the condition’s early stages. However, a small proportion of female discover that they have breast cancer after it’s spread to body’s other parts (metastasis).
If this is the case, the type of treatment you have may be different. Secondary cancer, also called “advanced” or “metastatic” cancer, isn’t curable.

The Treatments aim to meet remission; where the cancer shrinks or disappears, and you feel normal and able to enjoy life ahead.