Why we avoid going to the Doctor???

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Before the 1910s, a lack of understanding of how the body worked and why illnesses occur kept people from seeking a doctor’s counsel. In times of sickness a visit to the doctor for working class families was simply unaffordable and so people sought inexpensive remedies. And “miracle cures” to rid themselves of symptoms with many of these practices being largely ineffective and dangerous.

Today, we live in a time of frequent medical breakthroughs and easily obtainable medical information. Most of us have access to healthcare, yet the practice of self-diagnosing and self-medication is still widely prevalent among us. Good health is an asset we all want to attain for ourselves. Those that we love, yet we make mistakes in our efforts to obtain it. Clearly, financial reasons are primarily why we avoid seeking professional medical assistance. Universal health coverage is still a pipe dream, and not everyone has health insurance. Practically Men are not much active about visiting a doctor then women. Mostly do so only if their partners persuade them. Other than financial reasons, there are a number of other causes why we hold back from a doctor’s visit.root india guide

Waiting time:

The average waiting time in a doctor’s clinic is 20 minutes. The waiting time almost always exceeds the time spent with the doctor. It’s usually difficult to schedule a time slot for a doctor’s appointment that is convenient for you.

Fear of judgment / embarrassment:

Everyone has secrets, and a visit to the doctor means providing truthful and detailed information about medical history, sexual activity, addictions and habits. People may feel uncomfortable sharing details of their personal life. We also lie about our health to friends, parents and spouses.

Fear to face:

Many people avoid seeing their doctor even if they have a health concern, for fear that it might be incurable. They could afraid to learn they might have a serious health problem; choosing to ignore symptoms and hoping that they will go away in time.

Internet knowledge sometime dangerous?:

Using the internet for self-diagnosis can be extremely dangerous. Only a doctor can reason and figure out what your symptoms amount to. It’s likely that referring to medical health tips instead of visiting a doctor to save money and time. They can lead to a grave misdiagnosis. People also fear the pain caused by testing and treatments and contracting diseases and infections from other patients in the clinic and hospital. It’s important to regularly consult your physician even if you think you are completely healthy. Just because there aren’t any visible symptoms it doesn’t mean you are in perfect health. Preliminary tests can help diagnose conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure that don’t show any obvious signs.


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  2. I had visited a doctor who gave wrong advice and suggested operation, other doctor rubbished her advices and everything was ok but you can’t give negative reviews on practo only positive feedback are accepted which is misleading for other users. Please take real reviews of doctors before consulting do not rely upon the feedbacks on practo.

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