Often, breast cancer is only associated with women. However, think of it like this: When we talk about cervical cancer, uterus cancer or ovarian cancer, it happens only to women because men don’t have these organs in the first place. But, when you talk about breasts, men have them too. So, why can they not get cancer of the breasts?

BREAST CANCER IN MEN AND WOMEN IS DIFFERENT: Having said that, breast cancer in men and women is different. Men have lesser breast tissue than women and hence, the incidence and its related symptoms differ. Men have a lower risk of breast cancer and their cancer grade, subtype and tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte levels. Here are four symptoms men should look out for if they are suspecting breast cancer.


LUMPS: Lumps is the first and foremost sign of a breast cancer, in men or in women. Men often tend to ignore it more than women do. What make them more ignoble is them being painless. It could also be an inflammation, that may have spread to the armpits.

4/6​Inverted nipple

INVERTED NIPPLE: An inverted nipple signals the growth of breast cancer tumour. Cancer cells can pull the ligaments inside the breast and can make the nipple dented, dry and scaly.


DISCHARGE: If you happen to notice stains on your shirts around your breasts, it could signal a discharge from your nipples. A cancer tumour can lead to fluid building up and leaking from the nipple duct.

6/6​An open sore

AN OPEN SORE: A nipple developing an open sore is an extreme situation, signaling the growth of the tumour through the skin. Because the breast tissue is scarce in men, it can push the tumour through the skin. It could appear like a pimple that has been picked.