It is time to buy OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan if you still haven’t got one!

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OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan is an important financial tool that helps in dealing with unwanted medical expenses and beating the impact of health care inflation on your wallet.  It is an OPD protection you must have in your portfolio. The earlier you buy a health cover, additional requirement and the better it is for you.

When you are younger, having a health OPD benefit cover ensures that you do not have to dip into your savings and disrupt your financial goals in case of non-hospitalizations. “It is an individual decision to be taken after considering several factors such as your and family’s medical history, your lifestyle, the cost of healthcare in your city, the inflation, as well as the plan-policy features you require. Most importantly, it must not be a ‘do it, shut it, forget it’ decision. You must review every time there is a change in any of these factors,”

Here are some of the important health benefits include under various OPD Benefit Healthcare plan are:

  • Out Patient Department (OPD) Service: It is the service which you get without being admitted to a hospital.
  • Seasonal Effects: Pollution is a key risk factor for health these days. Rural and Urban both area are much polluted which lead to various illness.  So must check whether your plan cover this feature or not.
  • Maternity benefit: Most health plans does not cover maternity benefit during 9 months pregnancy. Majorly, Women do not ready to change her gynecologist.  So you must check if your health plan cover this feature or not.
  • Pre Existing Benefits: Since this is very required benefit for people who are looking for the pre-existing benefits.
  • Non Curable Treatment: If any family member is the patient of HIV or Cancer, you must keep in mind before purchasing the plan.
  • Behavioral health treatments: These days lifestyle requirement with mental health and substance use disorder services which include counselling and psychotherapy and other behavioral health related treatment.

rihlWhat major benefits should be covered in your OPD Healthcare plan ?

Above mentioned points should be covered in your OPD Healthcare plan. Additionally you must think few more point towards the coverage which can be your dream health plan.

  • Consultation Charges: You plan should have all Doctors coverage General Physician to Neurologist.
  • Prescribed drugs benefit: You can get the monetary benefit for the prescribed drugs advised by a doctor. The same can be claimed from the OPD plan/ Service provider.
  • Pathology Investigation coverage: Doctor prescribed tests whenever you visit for some health complaints.  Hence check this feature also.

rihlDiseases which are getting common these days

Lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and hypertension are increasing at an alarming rate day by day in India. One disease is enough to burn a hole in the pocket. Moreover, medical treatment cost will outpace inflation in the years to come. “It is very crucial for any individual to buy an adequate health cover at an early age to have a safeguard against medical emergencies that may strike any time,”

However, there is one key point to keep in mind. Increasing medical inflation means that medical expenses will rise over time. Hence, those who are reluctant in buying OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan should take proper advice from their financial planner and purchase a relevant opd benefit plan for themselves. This way, you will notice that 10 years down the line, there may be a mismatch in the amount of cover you originally opted for and your current needs. So, start early, and keep increasing your cover periodically.

Data Analysis: Understanding OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan mismatch between sum of benefit and claim costrihl

Let us understand through certain data analysis that how individuals are ignoring to have OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan. Moreover, those who are availing it are not having sufficient coverage as they are lacking in reviewing their plans on a regular basis.

Team has analysed their internal claims data and noticed a huge gap between the sum insured and the actual cost of the claim incurred. The highest gap being in demyelinating diseases & spinal injuries, which are close to 295% and 224% respectively. Some of the common ailments such as injuries, burns, liver failure, hypertension, swine flu and pneumonia the difference in average sum insured and average claim cost lie in the range of 139.85% to 169%.root india opd medical cards

Hence, it’s vital for individuals to periodically enhance their OPD Benefit Healthcare Plan. Root India Healthcare offering various opd health plans which is an ideal way to counter medical inflation. “And to beat your unwanted medical expenses, for critical illness, pre-existing or seasonal illness protection,”

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