Indian Healthcare should offer a “freedom” Not a slavery to the patient!

In a free society, healthcare is a right, not a privilege or discount!

There’s an argument always that goes like this: Health plan cannot be a “right choice,” because that means absolute slavery for doctors. The doubt occurs when we required the plan to diagnose current health conditions. But many healthcare plans cover after such a huge waiting period. The defend it with a narrow approach.

When we go around the world asking doctor community if they feel enslaved since patients pay them directly during the consultations. Lots of healthcare company are providing healthcare plans with little rebate and charging to users also. Users should understand why someone should pay for membership plan to get just a 5-10% discount over the doctor fee. Wherein users always get that rebate only their associated network doctor/Consultants. Few healthcare workers explain to people with sort of example where it seems greedy comparison for instance but that is a ridicules myth. These discount provider health plan never found useful on ground hence users never come back to renew that plan again.

Why some one forced to change doctor?

It’s also worth noting that if the patient “forced” to select a consultant from their listed doctor’s network. In our society, we notice that the patient generally considered a “right consultant” . The patient never wants to go to a new doctor/clinic especially they know someone as the “Best Consultant” for their treatment.

A patient does not have any complaining form against such misusing of their money and playing doctors with their life instead of providing the best option by Healthcare Organisation. Indian patients are looking for “right-wing”. The right-wing philosophy should be considered as per the patient “entitle” benefit during the OPD Treatment. The Right wings are an amazing idea to have complete liberty for the health decision. Even liberty from doctor select from the kind of associated network. If a customer requires protection and resolution together. There should be complete OPD Health Management, which has to be “right” ultimately requires the Indian people other than our own selves.

After all “when”?

We could also ask the entire Healthcare working in the Indian States if they feel “free” while they provide complete and good quality care. But sadly, Healthcare and or Insurance companies are just focusing on business instead of customer health risk – “rewarding system”. Healthcare Companies are focusing on making a perfect advertisement to sell the product to acquire more market base.

Technically speaking, If Medicare for All customer were implemented . Government & Healthcare company mentioned in their mission and vision that healthcare should be “right” for all Indian Citizen.  Just saying or writing in their statements in the vision or mission story, this condition would not change for doctors, either.

Where patient should go for the freedom?

It’s true, under a Root India healthcare company, There is no one who is providing the solution for recurring health conditions. Wherein no forcing people to select doctors for kind of network. A patient can go for current doctors to get treatments for their season or pre-existing disease.

It’s called Patient Management Health Plan — and its system of “Value for money.” Whereas customer gets full of doctors fee coverage instead of getting a 5-10%. Prescribed medicine coverage also a good financial help to the patient while becoming a health account owner of Root’s OPD Treatment plans.

Capping all “unwanted” OPD Expenses for consultations charges or medicine. RIHL has a very immense vision to cover the “social cause” without lots of terms & “conditions”. So that patient could get the amount back for the paid bills.

Mission or Commission ?

India is a more democratic economy country. But there is no liberty for real patients. There is no such a healthcare system which belief in equality for everyone. We all want to become more healthy with quality care system. Wherein more individuals will be freer to get treatments in OPD zone.


“OPD-Treatment” plans should focus on “critical illness”, “HeartCare”, for our next generation “Kidscare” is also a most important factor. Aside from this “women” care and old-age care should be on high “priority”. Because if a patient can not go on the right path to become healthy again, That you aren’t free. And thus, we will have a freer society.

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