Bachelor in science oriented streams such as Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Dentistry, Medicine, Surgery, Engineering so on.. It has very important if some has completed their 12th in different language but as we all are aware that at college level all courses are in english medium which create a ordeal to a student when he is finishing up their year I can say from experience that exam week is a pretty stressful or probate! It takes a lot out of you, to the point where even the mention of exams can cause a wave of frustration. It’s scary to have these big exams that count for so much and they’re usually the one thing we have to do before winter or summer breaks, so naturally, we  all sacrifice our time and health to put them above everything.

I definitely pushed myself to the limits during my Freshman exam week. This left me feeling like an absolute mess! I was completely exhausted and ended up spending the whole week fending off headaches, having to constantly remind myself to do basic things like drink water and eat lunch.

Thankfully I’ve now managed to kick a lot of those bad habits. It’s hard, especially once you’re in the mindset that your exams are the most important thing in the world. You have to do a complete 180 and teach yourself into a new mindset. So whilst your working, make sure you listen to your body and avoid burning out!

Here are a few steps to try:

 1/ Sleep

 You need to study. Great. Do not, I repeat, do not stay up all night to do it. This will not help you in any way, and at some point your mind will grow too tired to take anything in. You’ll be left reading the words and not taking them in. Staying up all night slows you down, and lowers you ability to do concentrate.

Instead of pulling an all-nighter, try going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. This will ensure that you get all the sleep you need whilst still giving yourself that extra time for more studying.

2/ Hydrate

The cause of all my headaches during my exam week was forgetting to drink water. I would sit down to study and not get back up for a while, so whilst I was focusing on my work I wasn’t drinking water or anything else for hours at a time. I became dehydrated, got headaches, and started to experience aches all over my body. Keep a glass of water or some kind of drink near you while you study. When it becomes empty, make sure you fill it back up! Staying hydrated keeps your body and mind in a good place.

3/ Eat Three Meals

You can eat while you work. Sometimes snacks are good to fill the time, but they cannot replace meals. Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you try to substitute these meals for simple snacks it will not help your concentration. You need the proteins and sugars to keep you going through those hours of studying.

4/ Be Careful with Free Time

Breaks are always good but how you spend them should help with your work. If you find that you’re tired after a long study period I do not recommend trying to read books even for fun. It doesn’t give your brain a chance to relax. Sometimes zoning out and getting lost in your thoughts can help things sink in and leave you more refreshed to keep working.

On your next break, listening to some music, taking a walk, or even daydreaming for just a bit can help you relax. Just make sure you don’t completely zone out and lose track of time!

5/ Don’t Isolate yourself

Being around people and having conversations wakes us up and stimulates our minds. Laughter is also the best medicine and hugs make everyone feel better. What I’m saying is don’t block out other people during those long hours of studying. Ask your friend to take a break and get lunch with you or call up your family members for a chat. Even having a quick two-minute conversation as you switch from one subject to the next can be helpful. It can brighten your mood and put you in a better place for studying!

Grades and school are important but when they come at the cost of your health that is just not a good thing. Remember to take care of the basics: sleep, eat and interact. Take a deep breath and try your best. Tell yourself it’s only a test.

If you take care of yourself you will be in a much better place to take the exams and will do better too! To all those studying for a big exam, I wish you good luck! Let me know if there are any tips that worked for you!