HIV curable now with monoclonal antibodies

BioClonetics is finalizing the production and testing of a monoclonal antibody to treat patients with HIV. HIV is a virus that infects 37 million and kills approximately 1.2 million every year, and today there is still no cure. At BioClonetics, we’ve created a cell line that produces fully human monoclonal antibodies to specifically target. And neutralize infectious diseases including HIV. If successful, this could be the first true cure for HIV at a fraction of the price of current treatment.



  • Created a cell line that produces an anti-HIV antibody called Clone 3.
  • Demonstrated that Clone-3 neutralizes all clades and groups of HIV isolates.
  • Identified that Clone targets HIV at an immutable site on the HIV virus.
  • We expect to complete animal trials within 18 to 24 months.



BioClonetics’ immunologic proposal is of significant importance in the development of immunotherapy for HIV patients worldwide. Demonstration of neutralization of primary clinical HIV isolates in vitro is critical to the ultimate step of in vivo application of monoclonal anti-HIV antibody to be effectively utilized in passive immunotherapy. I offer my strongest endorsement for your proposal.

Despite effective anti-HIV retrovirals. The clearance of HIV-1 remains is a critical issue. But We are excited being an interdisciplinary team. We have our full support for successful advancement of technology.

Magdalena Leszczyniecka, Ph.D., MBA

CEO and Present, STC Biologics, Inc.