Avoid deep teeth cleaning

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I was told about a year ago that I needed a deep cleaning which would involve two dental visits and 11 shots to get me numb each time. I broke a tooth below the gum line and on the part that came out, I could see tartar (aka calculus), hard rough spots of different colored “stuff” clinging to my broken tooth.

Meanwhile, I got sick for about a month and I had swollen glands in my neck. From these symptoms, I believed I had an infection due to build up below the gum line. This is very common in adults after a certain age.

On a whim, I googled the phrase “dissolve tartar“. To my pleasant surprise, I found a solution to avoid a deep cleaning: Periogen! No tartar = no gum disease = no need for a deep cleaning.

Today, after a month of Periogen use and a few weeks of CoQ10 use, I finally had my exam–along with an ordinary dental cleaning.


I was told by the hygienist today that my gums look very healthy. He only found one small spot with any plaque, and said that I am very far from needing the “root scaling and planing” procedure, also known as a deep cleaning. My pocket depths were all 2’s and 3’s with two 4 millimeter readings back near where I had my wisdom teeth out.


To avoid bias, I did not tell him that another dentist had recommended a deep cleaning until after I had the results.

Either Periogen did remove the tartar as it claims and did fix my gums (the CoQ10 I’ve been taking for a few weeks may have helped too)  or I previously had a dentist who was recommending a procedure I did not need. (This is the same dentist who told me I had worn down a tooth by flossing too much. I still do not think ordinary floss can damage a tooth with normal flossing, even if you saw back and forth for a minute a day… which I didn’t anyway…)

Back to my main point: Hats off to Perigen!! Healthy Gums!! No shots required!!! Not only did I have a good dental check up, but I believe that by removing the breeding grounds for gum disease bacteria, I am also improving my overall general health.


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