Home remedies to stop the white discharge in women What is white discharge? What are home remedies for white discharge?

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Abnormal to see white discharges in women with different age groups. In a specific face of menstrual cycle this discharge can be seen. This problem is generally seen in teenage girls. Little bit of white discharge is not at all a medical problem. But, it can cause discomfort for the lady having white discharge. Excess of the discharge in a lady can be a matter of concern. The medical term used for this white color liquid is known as Leuchorroea. This can give rise to many serious problems in the reproductive organ of the ladies. Women suffer from variety of health conditions that is mostly connected to genital organ and reproductive system. Getting white discharge is also a type of adverse physical condition that affects the overall health of the…
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What are major symptoms of infertility in females? Symptoms: Abnormal periods, irregular periods or no periods, painful periods.

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Symptoms: The main symptom of infertility is the inability to get pregnant. A menstrual cycle that's too long (35 days or more), too short (less than 21 days), irregular or absent can mean that you're not ovulating. There may be no other outward signs or symptoms. When to see a doctor ? When to seek help sometimes depends on your age:  Up to age 35, most doctors recommend trying to get pregnant for at least a year before testing or treatment. If you're between 35 and 40, discuss your concerns with your doctor after six months of trying. If you're older than 40, your doctor may want to begin testing or treatment right away. Your doctor may also want to begin testing or treatment right away if you or your partner…
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What should not eat during periods or monthly cycle? What are major participating foods with infertility? Milk products are harmful during periods (MC=Monthly Cycle)

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Eating right at any time of the month is challenging but many women find it especially difficult in the week during their period. Your nutritional needs don't vary significantly during your menstrual cycle, but you need to eat a balanced diet throughout the month to meet your dietary requirements. A low-carb diet restricting breads, pasta and sugars is one of the many different ways of eating to meet your dietary needs that is suitable for some women throughout their fertility cycle.  Nutrition During Your Cycle Women tend to eat differently depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle, as reported in a review article published in 1997 in "Human Reproduction." For example, most women eat less during the first part of their cycle and then increase their food intake…
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HIV cure : Researchers reveal that HIV can be permanently cured by attacking clonally-expanded HIV-infected cells

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HIV researchers have made an interesting discovery. Their discovery can prove instrumental in redirecting HIV curative strategies towards hidden HIV reservoirs. However, there is a problem. According to the researchers, clonally-expanded HIV-infected cells may still persist and even produce new virus in patients on combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) over many years. root_india_healthcare_youtube Therefore, a HIV cure can only be found when these cells are attacked and destroyed. Only then will there will a permanent HIV cure. The new study has been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Although significant medical research has resulted in the transformation of HIV/AIDS from being a terminal disease to being a manageable condition, the stubbornness and the persistence of HIV infection is a major concern. Modern antiretroviral drugs, though efficient…
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Guava’s wonderful 15 Benefits: Heart Healthy, Weight Loss Friendly and More

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I am sure you have enjoyed a plateful of guavas sprinkled with chaat masala atop. Nothing else can match up to the luscious jams, jellies & murabbas laced with an intoxicating strong-sweet fragrance. Undeniably, it is one fruit which always got enough lauding from our grandmothers. Guava, popularly known as amrood in Hindi, comes loaded with tiny hard seeds at the center. It is believed to have its genesis in Central America where it is alternatively known as "sand plum". It is round or oval in shape with light green or light yellow skin, and the colour of its flesh varies from white or pink to dark red and has edible seeds. Besides its unique flavour and fragrance, guava has been hailed as one of the super fruits due to…
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